Media Production

media production



Creating and building conceptual ideas with our clients is truly our passion. From the spawn of a creative idea to drafting a shooting script our team will create storyboards, treatments, pre-visualization and structured workflow that will keep our clients projects within budget and timeframe. Helping our clients with their brand stories through engaging, emotive and effective media content.



*Believe in Magic

Pre-production is an essential planning stage for any project whether it’s music videos, commercial or film. During this phase we help our clients with numerous aspects, such as, the final stage of financing, tax credits and incentives, securing talent, hiring crew, develop storyboards and shot-list, scheduling and most importantly help structuring deals for distribution.    



*Believe in Magic leads to Adventure.

The adventure starts here. Watching our ideas and concept come to life is truly amazing. During production our team is fully staffed to accommodate the scale of the production. Helping on all departments, our inception to is key to keep project within budget and schedule. Dailies are copied to our secure cloud based server which can be remotely access from anywhere in the world, as well as, can be viewed with your production team in our DaVinci Resolve theater.


Post Production


In digital video, photography, television and film, post-production is the final stage before delivery of a project. At this stage BMJ Studios post team of editors, vfx artist, colorist and audio engineer will work with our clients to deliver a masterful piece of work, utilizing our DaVinci Resolve Theater, multiple editing suites and recording studios. BMJ Studios infrastructure allows our team to work in every format – 2K, 4K, DPX, Open EXR, .r3d native, audio mixing, dubbing and sound scoring, giving us the ability to truly be a one stop shop post-production house.




BMJ Studios is at forefront of digital filmmaking and mastering services for any delivery specification that our clients require. Delivery of project content over our cloud-based servers is easy and accessible globally.