Media production

BMJ Studios is a state of the art full service media production company. Serving as a creative house for major firms subject but not limited to: movie studios, advertising agencies, recording labels, public relations, investor relations firms, national associations, non-profits as well as emerging brands.

Every production is unique and may require specific equipment or crew members, so before you start shooting consult with our team.


BMJ Crew

Our team is a fun bunch of professionals that love filmmaking. We offer some of New York's best and most talented in-house and freelance filmmakers. Let's us crew your project, from cinematographers and production managers to gaffer's and grips. Negotiating crew rate is simple, as we work with our your budget which will save you time and money.  Team work is key, as our crew will gladly work with your team and any members that you want to bring on board.

BMJ gear

You've got the Crew now get the Gear. Finding the right gear that fits your budget is always a struggle, here at BMJ Studios we offer tons of gear, literally! Based on your production, we will package the right gear that fits, from Red & Arri Alexa Camera's to few lights and stand or 2 to 5 tons G&E lighting trucks and vans.

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